So he launched a competition in his kingdom, open to all boys, no matter what their background. Ten boys made it to the very top. There was little to separate these boys in terms of intelligence and physical attributes and capabilities. The king said to them, “I have one last […]




WHO WILL GET TO HEAVEN? If we ever hope to go to heaven, we must do the will of the Father. This is the only way. Not the will of men, but God’s will. Not our own will, but the will of God. Just because we call Jesus our Lord, this […]

True Meaning of Christmas

One may ask, “Why these attacks against this Christian Festival”? They are not without reason. A close scrutiny will show that the remote cause of the attacks lie in with the Christians themselves – due to the lack of understanding about what the true meaning of Christmas is. A lot of commercialisation and […]


Don't give up

When things don’t go your way

During our one of our studies, we were encouraged to always look up unto God who is the ultimate source of our help. Answers to prayers may be delayed but they will surely come in God’s own time and way. His calendar is quite differennt from ours. He has a […]

Heaven by a 17 year old

Brian had been dead only hours, but his parents desperately wanted every piece of his life near them, notes from classmates and teachers, and his homework. Only two months before, he had handwritten the essay about encountering Jesus in a file room full of cards detailing every moment of the […]

real heaven

Wicked Tenant

EMBLEMS OF THE WICKED TENANT When the tenant came in he replaced all the decorations of the landlord and replaced them with his own. Examples are: Pride: Undue estimation of oneself. Satan was noted for this and pride is not of God. James 4:6, 10 Pro 15:25. Ask your self- Am […]