Joseph Ayodele Babalola

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Joseph Ayodele Babalola

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The Late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola was born in 1904 at Ilofa, Kwara State of Nigeria. He was a minister of God who understood the power of prayer. He was the man mightily used by God to ignite the fire of the first Christian revival in this country in the nineteen thirties.

Apostle J.A Babalola easily stands out as the pioneer of the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria and the African continent. The mighty revival in the 1930s has become a watershed and reference point in the annals of Christianity in Nigeria and beyond. His evangelical drive was aggressive, his commitment to holiness exemplary and his demonstration of the Power of God over evil forces overwhelming. This ignited a revival fire that spread around the West African sub-region.

Brother J. A. and his team of aggressive evangelist and prayer warriors entered forbidden forests, silenced demons that demanded worship, paralysed deeply-rooted anti-gospel activities, emptied hospitals by the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, rendered witchdoctors jobless and started the first indigenous Holy-ghost filled church in Nigeria – ChristApostolic Church. So far- and we stand to be corrected- none has equalled, let alone surpassed this humble brother in the field of aggressive evangelism in this country.

Babalola’s revival came at a time when the African continent was deep into idolatry or at best, Christian orthodoxy. God used him to bring the reality of salvation, healing, deliverance and unspeakable joy to a population hitherto overwhelmed by darkness. His ministry ushered in a fundamental change in religion as understood by the people.

Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola indeed changed the face of the Christianity in Nigeria and planted what has today made Nigeria one of the world’s most evangelised countries.


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