How can you be sure that you are saved? You need to examine your self and ensure you accept begin with Jesus and accept him into your life. Salvation is by grace through Jesus Christ alone and there has to be a transformation in your life from the old life into a new life.

James 2: 19. 

Jonah 2: talks about false gods, those who follow false gods will miss the glory of God, hence all Christians need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit for a successful Christian life and successful ministry, also you need the gift of tongues. 


Those who are raised in Christian homes there are two types practical and non practical


Acknowledge you are a sinner and Confess and repent for your sins


To be saved you need to Accept Jesus as your lord and saviour believe his work on the cross of Calvary, accept him as the son of god ,offer you life unto him.


Ephesians 2:8: You are saved by grace,not of works and Titus 3:5 also said  you are not saved by your good works


Once you accept Jesus as you Lord and saviour you will be saved if it is done genuinely because partial repentance is no repentance but you have to totally repented.


2 Corinthians says that if you have been saved there will be a complete change in you life and by accepting Jesus into your life, you will be reconciled with him.


Once you are saved, your relationship with the world will be different and you will have a turn around in your life. Salvation is not about what you do but about what Christ has done for you.

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