Christian giving is the giving that is acceptable unto God. Christian giving should begin with giving our lives unto God before we give our material giving. It is beneficial to give unto God and there are several principles to giving. It should be something that we want to do and not something we are forced to, remember that give and it shall be given unto you.

Principles of Giving

  • The Lord Jesus expects and requires us to give - Matt 2:6
  • Give for the right reason ( do not give to show off) - Matt 6:1
  • God sees whatever we give unto Him - Matt 6:3-4
  • Our service and gift to God must be cheerful
  • Giving to God must be done in the light of  the fact that God gave us the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • It must be free and willing
  • The way we give is connected to the way we God bless us

How can we give

  • We are to give our all unto God
  • God desires our best
  • Don't give God what others will not accept from you.
  • Our giving must honor God
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