Divine empowerment is the ability to achieve things that is seemingly impossible by the grace of God. We need the empowerment from God to achieve greatness.

The source of our empowerment is from the Holy Spirit of God which we need to keep asking for from God.

You can only remain empowered if you remain connected to the source of the power

Empowerment can be the ability to achieve the impossible .empowerment gives you the ability to achieve. Divine empowerment is the release of gods ability to achieve his will. The power was meant for you to achieve your destiny. Psalm 62:11 says the power/our strength comes from God
How can we be empowered ?
Joel 2:28

When we are empowered the spirit of ease will be upon us, all struggles will end. Empowerment comes from God and the lord is the source of the power
How do you remain empowered?
This can be linked to lights and a plug, you have to remain connected to get a constant source of power
So you have to have a stable relationship with God and you have to stay connected to him, you should have an intimate relationship with him

  • We need the power to love as Jesus loved
  • The power to forgive as Jesus commanded
  • We need the powers to walk with the lord and to work for him
  • We need power to pray
  • We need the power to evangelize
  • We need the power to study and to obey him
  • We need the power to overcome worldly desires
  • We need the power to overcome evil addictions
  • We need power to overcome difficult situations in life
  • Divine empowerment allows you to live a good life
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