Text: Mark 7: 25-29


  • Focus on Jesus anyday, anytime
  • Focus on Jesus-the Person and not on Miracles and other things
  • Whatever the problem you might be going through, just focus on Jesus Christ
  • Don't focus on men because they can fail you
  • When you focus on Jesus, the more of His attention you will receive.
  • Come to Jesus Christ with a {st}humble{/st} and {st}contrite{/st} spirit and not a proud spirit
  • It is the opinion of God about you that should matter and not that of people
  • Take the concern of others unto Christ and not yourself alone
  • Intercede for others and pray for them
  • Intercede for churches all over the world
  • Pray for every individual in the church and God will hear your own prayers
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others (Physical and Spiritual)
  • Let people see Jesus Christ through you
  • Be persistent, persevere and keep your focus on Jesus Christ
  • The fullness of your salvation, Joy, Hope, Peace and other things is in Jesus Christ
  • Go out and share the Gospel of Christ to everyone without prejudice or discrimination
  • Focus on Jesus Christ and do not give up
  • Do not think of what others say about you.

Three Appetite in the Church

  • Some come to the church full as if they do not need Jesus
  • Some come as half empty / half full - do their own thing their own way
  • Some come empty believing that it is only Jesus that they need and open their heart to God. These last set of people receive the best from God
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