Remembering the goodness of God is something we have to do every day of our life. God is always good and He is faithful in all situation which should cause us to give thanks to Him.

Always remember the goodness of God. He is always good, even when things are bad God is good. God is the source of everything all glory is to be given to him. Praising God truly comes from the heart. Everything within us is to the Lord by his grace we are here by his grace we we alive.
We should keep in mind the good things God has done every breath is a privilege every second every minute every hour.
We need to thank Him despite all things, the good the bad troubles and trials thank God. Keep on thanking God and if you nothing to thank God for thank Him for his goodness in the lives of others.
Don't be ungrateful all remember the goodness of the Lord
We are not deserving of the goodness of God. He does so because he loved us, he loved us so much that he sacrificed his son for us. He died so that all the may believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
Do not forget God's goodness remember his goodness and thank Him.



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