Let brotherly love continue

As we started last time about brotherly love among Christians, we will be continuing it today. Where brotherly love exist, there will be a cordial relationship between members and will be able to relate freely with one another without any hidden agenda.

As we read from our lesson in John 13:34-35, we must love one another as Christ loved us. By this, people will know that we are disciples of Christ.

How do we cultivate this type of love?

  • There must be a genuine reception of the Lord: You must receive Christ as your Lord and Savior ensuring you are following in His steps closely
  • A desire to submit to the guidance of His word: We must abide by and submit to the word of God. We must allow His word to lead us
  • Desire to be Led by His Spirit: We cannot show brotherly love on our own ability but through the spirit of God. So we must allow His spirit to take control of our life.

What are the demands of brotherly love?

  • Bear with each other
  • Forgiving one another
  • Humility
  • Genuinely rejoicing with one another

We should let the people of the world know that we are different by displaying and showing the brotherly love genuinely without the need to tell them we are Christians.

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