People are living the lives the way they want they are not living like a Practical Christian. They preach about living differently and being for God yet, they do not do it themselves. They are theoretical Christians. Practical christian living is a mindset that we as believers should have. Christianity is not about being religious it is a way of life it is spiritual. Not all who have Bibles or crucifix are Christians, are they living the word of God? Are you living the word of God? We as Christians believe in the whole Bible we do not nitpick verses that we like. We believe in the whole bible from beginning to end. God knows your heart.  Whether you are a true believer or not even if you deceive your friends, family and church members God will know.

We as Christians should live for God in spite of all that is going on in the world there is no excuse not to serve God. In perilous times as we are in now we should know the God we serve and live for him with everything that we have.


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