Practical Christian

Just because you go to church, preach or sing in the Church does not make you a Christian. To be a practical christian, you have to be born again, have a change of heart (changed from the inside and transformed) and this is done by the work of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is for God and we have to live like someone who has been called out from the world.

There are people in the church who are not completely for God, they are half-hearted not completely for God or the world. Some decided to serve God according to their own standards, we must not be pleasers of men but pleasers of God. We need to look at our self through the lens of Christ, strive for a holy life and reflect Christ in word, thought and deed.  We should live as act as Christ would (Christian - Christ like).

Christianity is not a religion but a way of life and it is different because it God that is reaching to man whereas in other religions it is man trying to reach God. We should believe in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, confess with our mouths Repent for our sins and live in Discipleship for Christ while pursuing righteousness (meaning set apart). Many people today are theoretical Christians  and not practical because they profess to be a Christian but they do not live as a Christian should. We should practice the word of God (Bible) and not just readers only but doers of the word. We are not like the people of the world. We are children of God. As Christians we should live for the Lord as a Christ Certified Christian (CCC).

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