The visitation of God can be for the blessings and for punishment. If you are in sin and living an unholy life, when God visits you, His visitation will not be palatable but brings joy if you are in the Lord.

There are two sides of visitation :

God's visitation depends on the one that is coming and for the purpose of visiting. The visitation of God can be for judgement for for blessing.
2 Timothy 3 :16 tells us that God's visitation of judgment can be seen in genesis when he spoke to Adam.
If you want God to visit you and to be happy you should not have any works of the devil in your possession

Exodus 32:34 says that those who fail to repent and those who does not accept Jesus as his lord and savior the will have sins upon them
Amos 4:13 says that God will visit them with destruction and you should prepare before you visit God
Psalm 106:4 says that the lord visited with salvation
Ruth 1:6: The lord may want you to go through ups and down in life but he has a plan. If you want God to visit you need to love god above anything else,we should cast all thing upon him.

When God visits His people, natural law are suspended. When people say something bad about you because God can change it when he visit. Things turn around for the better.
Visitation breaks long time of captivity, the key thing is to love the Lord at all time everywhere.
Revaluation 1:7 says he is coming with clouds and the whole watch will see him.

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