Emblems of the wicked tenant

When the tenant came in he replaced all the decorations of the landlord and replaced them with his own. Examples are:

Pride: Undue estimation of oneself. Satan was noted for this and pride is not of God. James 4:6, 10 Pro 15:25. Ask yourself- Am I proud? This can be physical or spiritual.

Hatred: This is synonymous with murder.  I John 3:15. The bible says no murderer shall go to heaven.

Lies: Satan is a liar and the father of liars. All liars will go to him. Telling lies on the pulpit during sermon is not exempted. John 8:244. All unrighteousness is sin I John 5:17

Anger: This is also synonymous with madness. Ecc. 7:9; James 1:19-20. Anything done or any word spoken out of anger may be regretted. Love is not easily provoked!

Others: These include fornication and adultery, malice, disobedience, gossiping, craftiness, witchcraft and other sinful acts mentioned in Galatians 5:19. Are you harbouring any of the emblems of this wicked tenant? Note that all sinners belong to satan and all his possessions will be taken to him in hell. I John 3:8; Rev. 21:8

Unwanted Emblems: Apart from the emblems one allow in his life, there are others not wanted eg sickness, demonic attacks, barrenness, etc. All these too can be ejected by the almighty power.

Where does this wicked tenant operate?

  • Individual Lives
  • Homes – even Christian homes
  • Churches – even among professing Christians
  • Towns and Cities
  • Countries

How can this wicked tenant be ejected?

  • Unless a stronger man comes in Matthew 12:28-29 (the Finger of God) Luke 11:20
  • Not by power or by might – Zechariah 4:6; I Cor 10:3-5
  • Be powerful in the Lord Ephesians 6:10-13

For the wicked tenant to be ejected:

  • you must be willing and ready
  • pray and fast - Mat 17:21
  • feed on the word of God – Ps 119:11, Ps 107:20
  • practice longsuffering – I Cor. 9:24-27
  • ask for the fire of the Lord.

Are you housing this wicked tenant? Do you have any of his emblems? This wicked tenant must be ejected to give room for peace. The power of the Lord is still available. Remember that when Christ entered Jerusalem, he ejected those buying and selling in the temple. You are the temple of the Lord, every spirit buying and selling in you must be ejected. Release yours

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