Today we will be talking about the carnal Christian in our teaching on living practically as a Christian. We need to look into our lives to be sure that we are being led by the spirit of the God not the flesh.

In everything we do, Christ must be glorified and not glorifying our flesh. In our day to day living, we must do everything that please God.

To stop living as a carnal Christian, we need to study the Bible to know the word and message of God to us to check our lives and check how we are living our live everyday.

It is possible for you to accept Jesus as your savior but not as Lord. A lot of people claim to be Christians but they are worldly and they do things their own way. The church in Corinthians was turning into a canal church. Those who run after miracles are canal Christian. In the church of Corinth there was division and they were canal. In a church there should be no division. As a Christian peoples opinion about people should not matter the only thing you should worry about is how God see you and if anyone wants to attack you God will be on your side. You should keep in your mind that whatever you do God is looking at you and before you do something think twice.

The way you do something, it tells people about your heart like if you are being controlled by a canal spirit or a holy spirit. If you are a proper Christian you should not put your faith on your pastor you should put your faith In God. So as you go through this week you should examine yourself if you are a Carnal Christian or not. One can be preaching and still be a Canal Christian so you should not trusts anyone other than God. The word Christian means being like Christ not being born into it or just saying it and not being a Canal Christian . If you have bad friends you should still be practicing to be a Christian and you should not drive them away because they will go away because they will know you are Christian and they will leave themselves. The way you dress also matters to unto God and in the church. The temptation that Adam and eve got will still come to you. You should let the word of God be in your Heart. May God help you to not be a canal Christian and he will be with you.

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