Our faith in Christ expects a change in our conduct

Faith and conduct 


Your conduct truly reveals if you are a Christian and  you have to live it out practically. How you conduct yourselves how you present yourself to the world.


 To come to church your heart has to be with God 


 Faith is a active trust in God 

Believing who is is 

And believing what he can do 

Our faith need compete loyalty to god 

 We must have total absolute and undivided loyalty 

In the bible it says.-If a man is in Christ they are a new creature

Ephesians 2:8 says we are saved by grace alone 

Acts 16:5  says the churches were strengthened by faith and they increased in numbers. This tells us because I the church was faithful.


If you are established in faith you have all the fullness of God.

Conduct- is the manner which a person acts how he lives , reacts to situations their attitude and their behavior 


In the bible it says.-If a man is in Christ they are a new creature 


Once you accept Christ your conduct will completely change You can either be a Christian or a non - Christian 


And to be a Christian you have to have correct conduct 

The bible is the code of conduct for Christians

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