What is the Mercy of God and where does it come from?

It is the loving kindness of God and He is a merciful God. He is the father of Mercy. Is tender loving kindness unto us irrespective of where we come from. Deuteronomy 7:9 says that the mercy of God is for thousand of generation. We should thank the Lord because his Mercy last forever. God cannot share his glory with anyone but can share other things like name and power but not His Glory.

Who is entitled to mercy?

We are alive because of God being merciful unto us. Romans 9:15 says that He Will have mercy to anyone he chooses and He will also have compassion to anyone He chooses. Psalm 20:89 says that we will sing the mercy of the Lord forever. To receive it you have to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

What can you gain from Mercy?

You can gain peace because when people are running helter-skelter, you will be calm and just watching them will you have peace of mind. In psalm 89 it says that God will keep the Mecy for you if you accept the Jesus as the lord and saviour. You might have gone through some tough time, just have hope in the Lord.


God will be merciful to whom He has chosen. He said 'I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on'. There are also general mercy of God on all man which He gives to everybody. Mercies like the sunshine, the rainfall and other things God gives to all man.

What do we gain from the unfailing mercy of God

  • The mercy of God will satisfy you
  • God's divine presence will be with you
  • Divine favor of God

As God has shown Mercy unto us, we should be grateful to God and also be merciful unto others.


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